Brand Perception

Will ICANN changes confuse or clarify the web?

What’s .next?

Marketers may be salivating about the upcoming ICANN rule changes that allow organizations to brand their own domains. Soon we may be seeing domains like .barbie, .coke, or .music.

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eNewsletter helps sales connect with customers during a recession

Customizable eNewsletter Connects With Customers

Maintaining customer relationships is critical to the long term success of any brand, especially in recessionary times, when purchasing cycles lengthen.

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Helping customers build their business can help you build yours

Indirectly Build Your Brand

Customers that build their business around your products provide a unique opportunity for you to strengthen your own brand. The Challenge: Build your brand by building your customer’s brand. Customer Background: Hospitals and Imaging Centers operate in competitive environments. When new technology is acquired, they need to communicate about it effectively to their referring physicians, […]

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Guests gathering for the product launch symposium at Chicago's historic Union Station

An Event With Historic Significance

Events should be appropriately matched to their purpose. While over or under producing an event can have a negative impact on your brand, the right venue and production values can amplify your message and market impact.

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An event helps a new group of salespeople become a team

Using Events to Build Winning Teams

Internal events help organizations build strong teams and motivate them to deliver outstanding results.

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A traditional sake ceremony during an annual event established a brand connection

Enduring Connections at Annual Events

Networking events at conventions are valuable to attendees who want to cement or establish relationships and share valuable information.

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