Customer Service

Helping customers build their business can help you build yours

Indirectly Build Your Brand

Customers that build their business around your products provide a unique opportunity for you to strengthen your own brand. The Challenge: Build your brand by building your customer’s brand. Customer Background: Hospitals and Imaging Centers operate in competitive environments. When new technology is acquired, they need to communicate about it effectively to their referring physicians, […]

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Image Courtesy Jessica Wilson (Flickr)

If Marketing is from Mars, is Sales is from Venus?

In his 1992 book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray suggested that men and women often feel like they come from different planets. Can the same can be said of sales and marketing?

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Best Buy

New Best Buy Customer Service

Black Friday is just around the corner and, given the state of the economy, holiday shopping will be a major topic in the news. Best Buy is piloting a new in-store selling concept at select stores around the country that brings online technology to the point-of-sale.

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Always put the customer first

Is Customer Service Too Tightly Scripted?

Marketers love to create scripts for customer service agents and sales team members. There are scripts for inbound calls, outbound calls, greetings in stores, restaurants and hotels as well as scripts for trade show exhibits. At some point, these scripts may start to sound alike.

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