A large crowd watches a launch presentation

A High Impact, Award-Winning Product Launch

Trade shows are great venues to launch new products, which is why there is so much competition for attendees and the press. Generating a buzz at the show is often the key to success.

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Placing the launch product at the center of the exhibit paid off for other product lines

Product Placement Makes An Impact

When placing products in exhibits, there isn’t any off-the-shelf formula for success. Understanding attendees, the market, and the exhibit environment all factor into the decision-making process.

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Award Winning Touch Screen Clinical Image Review

Interactivity Increases Trade Show Engagement

One of the enduring questions in trade show marketing is how to engage visitors so they memorably connect with your brand. In this example, new technology replaced old display methods with productive and award-winning results.

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HD screens engage radiologists

Using Exhibits To Improve Market Perception

When a company is poised for growth, exhibits at major trade shows present unique opportunities for companies to position their brand. Delivering a confident, memorable brand experience requires a knowledge of the market environment and target audience.

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A large screen anchored the Sony space at CES

Sony’s Big Picture

The elegant Sony booth at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show allowed visitors both a grand and intimate experience. A large screen dominated the space, but the scale of the booth was surprisingly intimate.

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TV Hat @ 2011 CES

Curiosities At CES

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show was filled with sophisticated exhibits and elegant technology, but there was also no shortage of surprising sights and curiosities at the show.

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