A Garden in Full Bloom

Growing Businesses Like Gardens

Growing a business can be like tending a garden. The right care enables it to flourish. What style of gardener (leader) are you?

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Gardens, like businesses, need proper care.

Are You a Gardener?

Creating a successful garden takes a lot of hard work over time, just like creating a successful company. Here are five steps to creating a successful garden. Can the same steps can be applied to business?

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An event helps a new group of salespeople become a team

Using Events to Build Winning Teams

Internal events help organizations build strong teams and motivate them to deliver outstanding results.

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Image Courtesy Tulane Public Relations

Are You Passionate?

Passion. Lovers have it. Artists have it. Athletes have it. Sports fans definitely have it. But what about business people?
Recent employee satisfaction numbers demonstrate that employers may have forgotten to stimulate the passion required to keep high value employees.

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Image from Cree Lighting

The New Year in a New Light

A New Year brings New Year’s Resolutions. One item on my Resolution list is to continue to make my home more efficient. I’d also like to avoid all that holiday candy that’s still around the house.

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Jim Burch hoisting Oscar

2010 Gold 100 Meeting

Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 meeting was helpd in Laguna Niguel earlier this year. I was honored to attend and participate in the Burning Issues panel discussion.

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