Promoting certain products may make marketers uncomfortable

Marketing’s Moral Dilemma

Marketers are happiest when someone buys what we promote. But what happens when the things we promote are at odds with our moral preferences?

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Will ICANN changes confuse or clarify the web?

What’s .next?

Marketers may be salivating about the upcoming ICANN rule changes that allow organizations to brand their own domains. Soon we may be seeing domains like .barbie, .coke, or .music.

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Strategy is critcal in chess and business

Back to Basics: Strategy or Tactic?

Most marketers understand objectives and tactics intuitively. But I’ve seen more than one associate struggle to correctly incorporate strategies into a marketing plan. Instead, their plans consist of goals and tactics.

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Gardens, like businesses, need proper care.

Are You a Gardener?

Creating a successful garden takes a lot of hard work over time, just like creating a successful company. Here are five steps to creating a successful garden. Can the same steps can be applied to business?

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Spread ads like this helped dramatically increase product market share

Creativity Builds Market Share

When your new product has entrenched competition, it can be difficult to effectively gain substantial market share. A creative approach with superior execution may be just what the doctor ordered. The Challenge: Build market acceptance and grow share for a new medical technology. Background: High technology medical equipment is typically installed in teaching hospitals before […]

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A direct mail campaign helped the sales team achieve goals

Marketing and Sales Partnership Surpasses Goals

When times are tough, marketing should provide the field sales team even more help than usual to ensure success for the organization.

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