Will ICANN changes confuse or clarify the web?

What’s .next?

Marketers may be salivating about the upcoming ICANN rule changes that allow organizations to brand their own domains. Soon we may be seeing domains like .barbie, .coke, or .music.

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Simplfying sales tools helped a complex product line exceed sales goals

Simplifying Sales Tools for Complex Products

The benefits of complex products often need to be simplified so both customers and sales teams clearly understand the impact of the technology on their business.

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HD screens engage radiologists

Using Exhibits To Improve Market Perception

When a company is poised for growth, exhibits at major trade shows present unique opportunities for companies to position their brand. Delivering a confident, memorable brand experience requires a knowledge of the market environment and target audience.

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TV Hat @ 2011 CES

Curiosities At CES

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show was filled with sophisticated exhibits and elegant technology, but there was also no shortage of surprising sights and curiosities at the show.

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Samsung's smart design projected a confident brand image

Samsung’s Smart Design @ CES

From an energetic entrance and engaging interactivity to their repeating design elements and use of open space, Samsung demonstrated smart design at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Inside LG's 2011 CES Exhibit

CES 2011: LG Engulfs Attendees

LG’s space at the 2011 CES was surrounded and defined by walls, which allowed visitors to live in the LG world while they were inside the space. LG’s exhibit was dynamic, interactive, and created a captivating environment to solidify it’s brand image for CES attendees.

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